Horse Notebook is an application for the amateurs and owners of horses, developed as well for the children as for the parents.


Horse Notebook is a simple app and very easy to use which makes it possible to follow the expenditures and the specific cares of your horse.

«  Simple and intuitive, our app offers the essentials of what an amateur or horse owner expects »



This application is inspired by the note-book in which you could note important informations concerning your horse.

You will have it directly in hands, it was thought to be used by children and to offer all informations essential to the follow-up of your horse:

  • recall of the vaccines
  • wormer
  • synthesis of the expenditure
  • information for contest registration, …

Account login is multi-user: the parents can follow the horses entrusted to their children … if they agree !! 😉

→ It is the ideal tool for horse lovers who do not want to take the lead and have a simple and useful tool.